Saturday, November 07, 2015

Giles to Duke

   This is sports standard anyway.
   The AFAM scandal has just killed us. Giles is a really great kid--and I mean as a person. Five years ago, he'd never have given Duke a look. A great kid like that from North Carolina would have been a cinch for Carolina, and would never dreamed of going over to the Dark Side. And the year before this it was Ingram. Combine this with, e.g., the Austin Rivers game handed to Duke almost entirely on astonishingly bad calls, Carolina's complete collapse against them last year, etc. etc., and it all adds up to something very, very not good. And that's without even really mentioning the awfulness of the academic scandal, even though men's hoops isn't seriously implicated.
  Duke's not evil, but they're certainly not good. I hate to see Krzyzewski's tactics (which are in part Calipari's OAD tactics) winning in such an undeniable way. The Heels have lost like 500 of the last 10 games to Duke and the effect of the AFAM scandal has barely even begun to be felt. Carolina fans seem sure that MBB won't be affected...but I'm not so sure. The NCAA might reasonably think that it's the institution they are punishing, not the team...and the way to punish Carolina is to hit men's basketball--regardless of its involvement.
   Not good.
   Anyway, I can't but wish Giles good luck. He's a kid who largely just wants to pull his family up out of poverty. So good luck, Harry...but daggummit that's a bad decision...


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