Saturday, November 14, 2015

Defending Political Correctness By Lying About What It Is: Sally Kohn Edition

   Here's just one more in a long line of liberal defenses of PC based on pretending that...why!'s just common decency! In this case: PC is merely a sane and humane rejection of the worst racism. That's all!
   These things are wrong in two very obvious ways. First, of course they ignore every single characteristically PC instance of PC--no attacks on free speech nor free inquiry are mentioned, nor are silly terminological demands, strategic re-definitions of terms, anti-intellectual/anti-scientific orthodoxy being foisted off as obvious truth... Not mentioned are the cases of insisting that everyone acknowledge that black is what, that night is day, that ignorance is strength... Rather, the tl;dr of this is: PC is just the insistence that black people should not be killed for bumping into white people. And if you reject PC, you think that blacks should be killed arbitrarily. The other major error, of course, is that there is an implicit denial that anyone to the right of the radical left recognizes the horrific nature of the cases Kohn mentions. Rejecting those things is not PC, it's standard-issue liberalism. In fact, it's standard-issue conservatism as well. No one this side of the KKK thinks that those things are nor were permissible.
   In a way, I find this bullshit the most infuriating bullshit of all. At least the PC loons are in a sense very honest. They're just out there saying insane things and making insane demands. Along with some sane ones here and there of course--almost nobody's completely wrong. The Nazis were environmentalists...  But Kohn and company, the liberal apologists, simply cannot be that wrong about what PC is. There is really no way to construe their defense by redefinition as anything other than intentional deception and intellectual dishonesty.

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