Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Dawkins Now Under Fire For Saying Nearly the Opposite of What Germaine Greer Said

   First, amazing that even Dawkins has been cowed. 
   Second, amazing that he said pretty much exactly what we have been ordered to say by the relevant folks, but has still been declared a thoughtcriminal. He drew a distinction between biology and...well, the nearly-incoherent, made-up stuff about "self-identification"...basically the opposite of what Germaine Greer got in trouble for...but even that isn't good enough. Still "problematic"!
   You would think that the current trajectory of this nonsense can only end with the patently false claim that there is no biological component whatsoever in the concept woman. In fact, woman is an almost entirely biological concept, with only rather faint suggestions of gender--i.e. femininity. And femininity has nothing whatsoever to do with "identification" (self- or otherwise). It doesn't even really have anything to do with "social roles". It's a purely behavioral category. The masculine/feminine distinction is a bit like the extrovert/introvert distinction. It's a distinction between different types of behavior or tendencies toward behavior.
   Before the thought police seemed to be saying that we were required to confess that there was some sense or other of 'woman' that is not biological. Now apparently the requirements have been made more stringent, such that we are being required to confess that there is no sense of 'woman' which is biological. 
   I'm amazed that Dawkins is giving in to all this. He's pretty terrible when it comes to anything even vaguely philosophical...but I thought he was too cantankerous to capitulate on something like this so quickly.
[No wait is the point in there that we are now obligated to deny the very distinction between biology and the mythical non-biological component of being a woman that we've been commanded to accept???  I've got a really bad cold and can't pay attention to the drivel on the other end of the link long enough to figure it out...]


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