Saturday, November 14, 2015

Amherst College Students Demand...A Bunch of Nonsense

   We tend to think that the people around us are basically sane... So it's alarming when you realize that a lot of those people are deeply nuts...
   Sadly, I expect that there will be a lot of appeasement. Where demands are refused, there'll still probably be a lot of administrative grovelling. What's really needed, instead of acquiescence and apology, is someone who will stand up and let these morons have it, going on the offensive against the thought police. Instead of please forgive us for being unable to immediately comply with your every irrational demand, someone needs to step up and give these totalitarians what for, telling them that they're wrong, and that universities will never knuckle under to them, never give them what they want. How is it that the alleged defenders of the Western intellectual tradition are so eager to give in to the irrational demands of a mob of totalitarians?


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