Monday, October 19, 2015

Were The Bush TXANG Memos Forged?

   The rightosphere believes that they conclusively debunked the Bush TXANG memos. Of course, they also believe that Obama is a gay alien Kenyan-born reptile in an Antichrist suit who ordered FEMA to close Wal-Marts in Texas in order to lay in supplies so that the Chinese can come over and take our guns...  Also there's no global warming...
   This dude claims that typewriters of the relevant time period have been found that could have produced the memos, and that those memos have never been conclusively debunked. (Warning: Salon link! Not an actual news source!)
   I report, you decided.
   At any rate, he also reminds us that, whatever the fate of the memo, there was some kind of shenanigans going on with respect to Bush's TXANG record.
   Funny, isn't it, that the actual war hero, Kerry, ended up on the defensive about his military record, while the actual semi-draft-dodger Bush was pure Teflon when it came to this stuff... As we've noted around these parts, and as the author points out too: so powerful is the background conservative theory that all conservatives are two-fisted men of action and all liberals are girly-men fraidy-cats that patently disconfirming facts seem incapable of even making a dent in that conviction. (See also: Gore, the football-player vs. Bush the cheerleader...)


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