Monday, October 26, 2015

UWM "Inclusive Excellence Center" Fears Murder, Assault and Rape If Its PC Language Policing Program Is Exposed

Outrage #1: UWM has an "Inclusive Excellence Center" all...
I could easily write several pages of outraged sputtering about the name alone...
Outrage #2: It pumps out crack-brained leftist propaganda about "microagressions" in order to police language. At a public university.
Outrage #3: The stuff it cranks out is even slightly more idiotic / incoherent than your run-of-the-mill neo-PC gibberish...which is saying quite a lot actually...
Outrage #4: When busted on this idiocy, the director of the center suggests that a story about her office might result in assault, rape or even murder against the students who work there. This is SJW SOP: criticism or disagreement is tantamount to violence. "I am afraid of you" is the SJW's trump card.
Look, people--including liberals--need to be outraged about this idiocy.
It is not permissible to brainwash students at public Universities...
...or anywhere else for that matter.


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