Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Feminist "Rape" Double Standard: Amy Shumer Edition

   This isn't a big deal. At all.
   I just point to it as one part of a case for the contemporary PC / SJW / feminist / university / liberals-who-have-lost-their-way double standard with respect to sexual assault and rape.
   I don't actually know who Amy Shumer is, incidentally. But it doesn't matter.
   Anyway, it's pretty difficult for me to work up much outrage about the incident in question. It would have been better if she'd have turned around and left, but it's not a big deal that she didn't. And the same would be true if she, wasted, had called "Matt" over to her place. x being drunk and passed out and y creeping into their bed and macking on them: that's one thing. x being drunk and calling up y and asking them over and macking on them...a different thing entirely.
   However...the usual suspects would not treat the cases as the same. Whereas Ms. Shumer is apparently being praised by said suspects, she'd be hailed as a victim / survivor had the tables been turned. If it weren't for double standards, those folks would have no standards at all...
   Part of the background confusion here is that the relevant people want us to pretend that men and women are exactly the same when that benefits women...but they secretly employ just the opposite premise when that's convenient for them.
   Again, I don't really hold it against feminism that there are crazy, intellectually dishonest, dogmatic, radical feminists. Those people exist in basically every movement. I do hold it against feminism that the vocal vanguard, the most prominent part of that movement, the part that steers the ship in academia and on the internet, basically accepts the crazy, or at least refuses to reject/criticize it. A movement with some crazies is one thing; a movement run by crazies is a different thing entirely.
   I'm not anti-egalitarian-feminist...but you folks just aren't in charge of your own movement anymore so far as I can tell.

[Yes, yes...I do realize that this is in "Thought"Catalog...  I followed a link to it from Reddit or something... So sue me.]


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