Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Washington State University Announces It Will Not Allow Professors To Ban Words They Don't Like

link (via Reddit)
   It's a weird subject, of course, because there are all sorts of words that are basically bannable...e.g. words like 'n*gger,' 'faggot'...and, well, many others. I don't wanna list 'em, and you don't wanna hear 'em...
   Seems to me that the problems isn't so much insisting that students not use certain words and phrases in class. Rather, the problem is the lunatic collection of words and phrases that certain professors would ban if they were allowed to. I suppose that it goes without saying that we are talking about lefty professors here, right? I mean...I don't necessarily feel the need to keep harping on that...or...I wouldn't...if so many liberals didn't seem to be in denial about it....
Anyway: students not being allowed to refer to humans as 'male' and 'female'? I'd be downright tempted to fire someone who was so far gone as to suggest something that stupid--and so clearly indicative of far-left insanity. And, as I've written before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with 'illegal aliens.' It's a clear, accurate, descriptive phrase. You don't get to simply stomp your foot and insist that words are prejudiced or derogatory simply because you don't like them. I've got no problem, of course, with people saying "hey, I don't know why, but that phrase bugs me." That's totally cool. But if you're going to claim that a phrase is so patently offensive as to deserve to be banned from polite society, you've got to have stronger grounds than that. And, as I've written before,  all that nonsense about "people not being illegal" is, so far as I can tell, intentional sophistry. "Illegal x" in such a context does not and has never meant intrinsically illegal human being who does x, but, rather, person who does x illegally. 'Tranny' I don't have any opinion on. I guess it does have a kind of disrespectful ring to it, though I've read that the issue is controversial even among people who are "transgendered" or transexual.
   Anyway, the really outrageous bit is the 'male'/'female' thing.
   The real problem here is lefty overreach with respect to language policing. Nobody's going to fight for their right to say the notorious 'n' word in class. Frothy insistence that humans...what? Aren't male or female? God knows...anyway, that kind of lunacy simply will not fly at sane institutions. I can't just arbitrarily ban words because I have some crackpot theory according to which they are naughty. Imagine the reaction if religious professors were e.g. demanding that students not say or write 'God.' It would be quite different, you betcha...


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