Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trumpo The Clown On The U.S.S. Iowa

   I believe that was the most embarrassing election-related event I have ever seen.
   He barely made any sense at all. Aside from the thing about the VA, he basically said that we'd build an army sooooooo ginormous that no one would ever think about attacking us!!!111 I'm guessing that he meant there'd be genetically engineered dinosaurs with laser-beam eyes, though I'm not completely sure he said that explicitly. Also we'll build a wall! And, of course, Mexico will pay for it! Because negotiation! And he has the smartest people in the world! Working for him! Did he hire the Oxford mathematics department? I guess he must have!
   RIP GOP. You had a good run there for awhile, but now your days are done. If Trumpo stays your favorite for, like, three more weeks, I think the rule is that you are no longer an actual political party...
   Does anybody else kinda miss the sober seriousness and intellectual acuity of Bush '43?


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