Tuesday, September 22, 2015

President Obama Encouraging Legal Immigrants To Become Citizens

Is this ok?
   I get as weepy as any other red-blooded 'Murkan when I think about people becoming citizens...but this does seem a bit like harvesting Democrats... um...  Doesn't it?
   OTOH, the think that really shocked me in that article was that the fee is nerely $700! I'm all for civics tests and whatnot...but really? 700 bucks? That seems kind of uncool.
   I suppose my unreflective attitude to naturalization is rather like my unreflective attitude toward voting: take down unreasonable barriers, but don't push the unwilling to do it. E.g lowering the cost seems like a good idea if we can afford it...  OTOH, there may be social costs to having high numbers of non-citizen residents that I don't know about, and in that case it might be good to encourage people to move toward citizenship. Though I'm just speculating.


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