Thursday, December 04, 2014

Drum on Michael Brown, Ray Rice, and the UVA case

   Drum says, basically:
   Each of the three cases are associated with a real, important problem; but each of the three cases is far from ideal as an illustration of that problem. And he's right.
   I haven't even discussed the Ray Rice case...I'm sure I seem crazy enough with respect to the UVa case right now...but that's another case of instant neo-PC orthodoxy vs. the facts, so far as I can tell.
   Drum's post worries me, though, in that I fear that his silence might be motivated, to some extent, but the backlash he'd experience from addressing at least the Rice and UVa cases in the way they ought to be addressed. And if even Kevin Drum is being cowed by this stuff...well...that's very worrisome indeed...  But maybe he really just doesn't want to hurt the general causes, as he says.


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