Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Conservative Troll Blogger Outs "Jackie"

   Well, here's the story in the Post.
   What a weird case. This blogger is obviously an asshole of the kind the internet seems to breed. OTOH, we will want to know about Jackie at some point, and, so far as we can currently tell, there is no reason that we shouldn't. Jezebel is still doggedly referring to Jackie as a "victim"...but we currently have good reason to believe that that characterization is inaccurate. Still, I see no reason to rush into this. There's still a non-negligible chance that something did happen to Jackie, and no reason to put her name out in public right this instant. If things stay on their current trajectory, and in, say, a month or so we are sufficiently certain that she simply made it all up, then we'll want to know who she is, whether she's ever done anything like this before, and so on. Furthermore, of course, there may be mental problems in play here, and so we might not want to put more pressure on the person in question than is absolutely necessary.
   So, though outing her now (and her brothers too for some reason, in case you weren't convinced the blogger is an asshole...) is a shit move, there's little reason to think it's a tragedy, because there's good reason to believe--contra Jezebel et al.--that Jackie's story was false.


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