Monday, November 24, 2014

No One Has Ever Been Expelled From UVA For Sexual Assault

   If we temporarily set aside questions about "Jackie"s rape allegations in Rolling Stone, this was the most striking revelation to me. Since 1998, 183 expulsions for honor code violations like cheating on exams, but 0 expulsions ever for sexual assault.
   I have some inclination to think that sexual assault should always be a police matter, so I could imagine a situation in which this made sense...but it doesn't sound like that's the kind of thing actually going on over in Hooville...
   I couldn't really understand Associate Dean Eramo's attempt to justify the policy of not expelling students who admit to sexual assault.
   This whole mess has caused me to spend rather a lot of time starting uncomprehendingly at my computer screen with a stupid look on my face. I've spent the vast majority of my life in academia, but I'm really just baffled by much of what's going on and being revealed in this case.


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