Tuesday, October 21, 2014

James O'Keefe Caught Trying To Convince CO Dems To Commit Voter Fraud

   Well, this guy is a jackass, as you well know.
   I used to think that, jackass or not, he might be a good guy to have around. I certainly want to know if voter fraud is happening...and whether any Democratic activists are so easily persuaded to engage in it. I mean...there seems to be none of it...but we could be wrong. And why not let O'Keefe do the work and help keep the Dems on the straight and narrow? I mean...sure he's a nauseating nitwit...but it's not like we have to pay any attention to the guy.
   But that's a pretty silly view I suppose. He's a rabid partisan lunatic who wants to manufacture voter fraud--or the appearance thereof--where none exists. His goals are obviously purely partisan, and, while the odds of his turning up something real are small, the odds of his manufacturing or fabricating something to help an unhinged GOP seem fairly great. So I suppose it's foolish to see him as doing a useful job despite his bad intentions.
   And then there this...about which...I simply do not know what to say...


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