Sunday, September 28, 2014

"We No Longer Know If Even God Can End This War": Hell On Earth In Congo

Agonizing to even read about.
It is amazing to me that people can survive something like this.
It continues to amaze me that we seem to have so little concern for the people of this region. I know that operations in Africa--especially central Africa--are difficult. But, were it entirely up to me, I'd make an effort to de-hellify that region before I'd address ISIL. I know that we have strategic concerns in the latter case and not in the former, and I know that ISIL is also horrific. But it is incomprehensible to me that we have made almost no effort to mitigate this disaster.


Anonymous cb said...

Thanks for this link: It is quite a marvel that some world-fuck-ups we seem determined to make our responsibility and others which don't even register.

Chilling to read the man nostalgic for the days of the Belgians -- just finished the parade of horrors that is King Leopold's Ghost and it's incredibly awful that things have gotten *worse*.

1:22 PM  

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