Friday, August 01, 2014

Sweden Declares Race A Social Construct or: Lysenkoism In Action


Oh so crazy...

It's so refreshing to see a country that's being ruined by flipped-out crazy lefties...  The opposite is so common...but since the fall of communism, the right-wing crazies have really retaken the lead in country-ruining...

But man, the far left really seems to be turning Sweden into Crazy Town.

Check this out:
"We know that different human races actually do not exist," Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Television (SVT). 

No, we do not know that, Mr. Ullenhag.

We do not know that because it isn't true, but knowledge is only of the true. You can't know something false.

I'm going to grouse about this more later, but there it is for now.

Man, the far left really is just batshit delusional, willing to deny the plain facts in front of them on the basis of crackpot theories. I know, I know, the righties do it too...  But look...denying climate change...that's...way, way more destructive of course...but it doesn't require you to deny the plain facts right in front of your eyes, that people from different backgrounds often exhibit different, obvious physical characteristics.

What's really funny is that this breed of lefty seems to be incapable of recognizing the plain fact that there are different human races, but that they all deserve equal rights and respect. This is yet another respect in which liberals are superior to far lefties: we are capable of recognizing racial differences without it shaking our commitment to equal rights. Far lefties can't seem to do that--so they produce obviously false theories that deny the very differences that made the struggle for equal rights so difficult.

The big thing to be concerned about here, though, is Lysenkoism. Batshit lefties have gained control in Sweden, and such people are willing to twist science to fit their political agenda. Again: yeah, it happens here, too--though generally from the right. (See: North Carolina and climate change...) That's more destructive, probably. But just, somehow, not as flat-out creepy...


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