Friday, August 01, 2014

Race Is Real: Race In Medicine


Back a few years ago it was all the rage to claim that medicine was racist because it focused too much on whites. Now it's all the rage to claim that race is fictional/"socially constructed".

Only the conclusion stays constant: YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF RACISTS

Look, liberals need to stop falling for this nonsense. Race is real, though it's less important biologically than the racists of yore thought it was, and no race is morally inferior to any other, again contrary to the cherished views of said racists. But you can't just close your eyes and cover your ears and repeat "race isn't real, race isn't real" over and over again and hope it'll become true.

Race is real.

That's why we have a problem with racism.

If race weren't real--if we really couldn't tell at all who was what race--we probably wouldn't have a goddamn problem with it.*

It's not like goddamn biorhythms or something.

And, while I'm ranting:
If you're going to try to deal with the racism problem by claiming that race isn't real, how the hell are you going to deal with the sexism problem?

Though actually...the same route is open to you with respect to sex. The same terrible arguments that are used to support racial anti-realism are available in the sex case: sometimes you can't tell someone's sex by looking...there are borderline cases of male and female... So, hey, if you're a racial anti-realist, looks like you're going to have to be a sex antirealist, too...

Anyway, something something horns of a dilemma or something...

C'mon, liberals. Don't be idiots about this.


* That is probably a shitty argument right there. But not the rest of it.


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