Monday, August 18, 2014

Jeremy Hammond: "The Immoral Case For Drones"

This is an absolute piece of crap.

It's basically an extended, frothy ad hominem against Scott Shane for writing"The Moral Case For Drones." That latter piece is very good, actually. 

Hammond's response is just godawful.

It should go without saying that the drone question is a tough one, and there are good reasons for being very  concerned about the use of drones. But Hammond's criticisms of the arguments Shane reports on are drivel. (Note: for all of Hammond's anti-Shane vitriol, there is no indication that Shane is endorsing the arguments of Strawser et al...he's merely reporting on them.)

I'm going to the Marine Corps War College at Quantico tomorrow to give a workshop on reasoning/critical thinking, and among other things we're going to discuss the Shane piece and the Hammond piece. If I get all worked up I might post in detail on the Hammond thing...but it's a little hard for me to think that anyone who wasn't irrationally, dogmatically anti-drone-warfare would take it seriously after the first few paragraphs.


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