Sunday, August 24, 2014

Everything Is Sexist: Ladies' Night Is Sexist

As a Tar Heel: facepalm

Buzzword bingo highlights: rape culture, "Blurred Lines," objectify, commodify.

Most embarrassing paragraph:
“I don’t think a lot of women really realize that they are actually the product being sold,” Sekay told The Daily Tar Heel. “By advertising ladies' night or by offering no cover to women, that tells the male audience that this is where all the women are going to be. And not only is that objectifying the women, but it’s also commodifying them as well, which is pretty harsh.”
Yes, I know. This site seems to be several steps down even from Buzzfeed... So this is likely to be deliberately stupid clickbait...  And yet...the crazy is metastasizing...

By doing something that women like, thus allowing men to predict that women will take advantage of it, you are "objectifying" women. Oh and: "commodifying" them...

This is hard-core bullshit from stem to stern.

And this is why feminism is disintegrating. So much of it is built on nonsense. Throw in a few lefty/po-mo-y all-purpose bullshit buzzwords, rely on your target to flee in terror at the charge of misogyny and related sins, and rely on your audience not to think too hard about how cracked your accusations are.

How the mighty have fallen.


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