Saturday, August 30, 2014

Everything Is Racist: The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Racist

...because its purpose is to make us forget about Ferguson...

WARNING: Jezebel

Do not click!

Some more lowlights:
...more than any other story, Ferguson defines and encapsulates modern-day America. 
The case itself, combined with everything surrounding it and the centuries that made it possible, makes Ferguson quite possibly the most important story of the past decade. 
...we should feel guilty, not just as white people but as human beings, that we even for a second forgot about the prevalence of systemic racism in America
Now, I grew up with an evil racist father, and even fairly mild instances of racism make me see red...  But... Idiocy is idiocy... Since there's absolutely no justification for being idiotic in one's (alleged...) anti-racism, and since blatant idiocy in anti-racism just gives aid and succor to racists...and since there's more than a hint of (anti-white) racism in this kind of bullshit anyway...I've got no patience for it.

So...this is just one more instance of idiotic clickbait from a website that makes money by being idiotic.

(Remember the Jezebel business model summed up in one picture?)

But here's an actually important question lurking in the background of all of this stuff:

A wave of loony left nonsense is sweeping the country. Will American liberalism fall for it, or repudiate it?

The fate of sane American liberalism hangs in the balance.


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