Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paul Ryan Admits There Is No Case for Impeachment


Though the best part is that he's trying to push the "hey what's all this talk about impeachment? Some Obama ploy amirite?"

That is, we know that:

A. Obama is a commie fascist mom-pants-wearing Kenyan Muslim dictator Antichrist who deserves impeachment more than anyone else has ever deserved anything in the history of American politics
B. Obama made up this whole impeachment thing to whip up his base and the GOP is shocked--shocked--that this is even being discussed

We don't know which one yet...but we do know that it's either A or B.

This, of course, is a corollary of:

Axiom 1: Everything is Obama's fault

Sometimes we don't know why something is Obama's fault...but that's always just a matter of working out the details.

Oh so crazy...


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