Friday, July 11, 2014

"It's Time For People To Stop Using The Social Construct of 'Biological Sex' To Defend Their Transmisogyny"


Basically, everything in there is wrong.

Just about the only thing that's right is: sex is more complicated than non-biologists typically think it is.

But, of course: the concept social construct is hopelessly confused


Society does not make up sex; biology is independent of our representations of it


This question needs to be dealt with independently of concerns about bias and discrimination.

These confusions are rampant on the left now. That is: they tend to confuse x is fuzzy and complicated with x is made up ("socially constructed"), and confuse questions about biology with questions about discrimination. The most insidious is the latter, really. The argument basically goes like this:

If you think that biology is real, then you think that discrimination is permissible
You should believe that biology is not real

What a godawful mess.


Just look at the attempt to stack the deck in the title. That title's got it all--something between an assertion and a presupposition that biology is made up by society, and the clear suggestion that if you think sex is real, you think that in order to "defend your transmisogyny"...  Wow. That's some high-quality sophistry right there...

This is why I become more and more worried about liberalism falling down the rabbit-hole. American liberalism seems to me to be rather defenseless against the lefty-left. Liberals are so terrified of being (called) prejudiced in any way that they seem to me to be inclined to accept almost any proposition or argument, no matter how obviously insane, in order to avoid it. I can easily see liberals stampeding to accept utterly daft arguments and positions like this if they become sufficiently fashionable. And that means not only accepting the specific claims in play, but accepting a bunch of bad philosophy, bad distinctions, bad principles, and bad types of reasoning (e.g.: if the distinction between x and y is complicated and fuzzy, then the distinction between x and y is "socially constructed"). Accepting bad principles of reasoning is one of the worst things you can do, as that has repercussions throughout your theory of the world.

Of course you shouldn't be mean to people because they are atypical--not only should that go without saying, but it should go without saying that that point is irrelevant to the factual debate about the reality of sex. But I probably need to say it anyway in order to make it perfectly clear that I'm not some kind of bigot...and, honestly, that's another thing that worries me about contemporary liberalism... You shouldn't have to show your liberal credentials in order to participate in such discussions...


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