Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Fever Swamps and Obama's "Lawlessness"

I don't keep up with all  the crazy, and hadn't really been paying attention to the emerging fairy-tale on the right about Obama's "lawlessness"...but here's the now-reliably-nutty George F. Will on the topic.

Will seemed to blow a fuse during the Clinton administration, and has been doing little more than spewing spittle ever's hard to believe that his columns were often pretty interesting.

I try to remain objective about this stuff, and went poking around after reading the Will piece...  I know...I's fairly clear by now that conservative shrieking about Obama can be safely ignored...but down that road lies partisan perdition...

It didn't take long to find this by Ruth Marcus. It's non-shrieky and, at least as a first cut at the matter, seems to be much more reasonable than Will's column. (E.g.: Will appeals to kooky conservative lawyers who have cooked up a scheme for a lawsuit against Obama; Marcus cites Benjamin Ginsberg, a scholar critical of Presidential overreach, who puts Obama "on the mild end of such abuses.")

I'm generally opposed to increasing presidential power...  But I do have some sympathy with using every tool in the kit to get around our current nutty Congress. Problem is, of course, this sets a precedent.

At any rate, I'm interested in this topic, so somebody should let me know if there's more truth in Will's ravings than I'm giving them credit for.


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