Friday, May 30, 2014

Richard Clarke: Bush and Cheney "Authorized" War Crimes?


I agree.

And I think such things should almost invariably be punished.

But, honestly and inconsistently, I just don't think it can happen.

I think the GOP would burn the place down if we try to do what justice demands here. And I worry that the public would side with them, and that would mean: keeping the House and retaking the Senate and the Presidency in '16.

And, given that the GOP is currently kind of nuts, we simply cannot afford that.

The GOP can basically be in full-time impeachment mode against every Democratic president, and they will pay only a minimal price.

If Democrats, however, were to push war crimes charges against Bush and matter how plausible...well, I shudder to think about it.

Remember, the frothing nuttiness we've been seeing from the GOP for the last 20 years is basically them on something like their best behavior. This is the way they act when they are not even seriously provoked...

Look, I'm not committed to this. If there were a concerted effort to look into the record with a mind to bring charges against those who are plausibly guilty, I'd support it. Domestic political concerns, it seems, should not trump considerations of justice.

And the crazies we have to deal with in contemporary American politics are not even very crazy when compared to other crazies.

I'm merely speculating here, so nothing I say should be given any weight...  But my guess is that there is simply no possibility of anything like this really happening. I've simply never considered it within the realm of real and relevant possibility.

And, of course: Clarke could be wrong.


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