Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We're struggling a little less, and have turned a corner or two...but the forces of darkness, I must admit, are playing really good ball.

Parker is a tough matchup for anybody. Not sure whether Roy will put JMM or JPT on him. But dude is just good. (Also, he doesn't even seem like a real dookie...which is to say: seems like a likeable guy...)

We're actually a solid defensive team, with our defensive efficiency ranking 16th in the country (The bad guys rank 90th...but every other category favors them).

To be honest, the odds do not seem to be in our favor this time around. But stranger things have happened.
(Like Duke's "win" in Chapel Hill in 2012...)

I like the way that Carolina is working to improve right now, but, let's face it, our best player is gone, and he ain't coming back.

Could be a good game, though, and let's hope it is. In fact, let's hope it happens at all, given the weather forecast...

Still, I'm going to predict (in some sense of "predict"...) Heels 74, University of New Jersey at Durham 71.

Get 'em boys!

And, of course:

Go to hell Duke!


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