Monday, July 15, 2013

Posting Light Until Friday

I'll be taking a vacation-within-a-vacation until Friday and, since JQ's laptop is having undiagnosable connectivity problems all of a sudden, and I'm not going to type posts on my iPad virtual keyboard, I'll be scarce.

I'm still unconvinced on the ongoing Zimmerman thing, and still think that it mostly comes down to a question of who initiated physical violence and what additional responsibilities someone takes on by arming himself.

When I get back I'll try to say what else I have to say about it, but I don't think there'll be anything you haven't already thought of. I don't see myself convincing anybody here--nor am I trying to. The only think I'm really convinced of is that a lot of people on both sides are making this out to be a lot more obvious than it is. I think that it's non-obvious how blame is to be apportioned here, but I also remain inclined to believe that liberals are largely deluding themselves, pretending that it is clearer than it actually is that Zimmerman deserves the vast majority of the blame. Conservatives are also largely insane about this, and in the opposite direction, but I normally consider them beyond redemption these days...

I also, by way almost of footnote, look forward (in some sense) to the civil case. That ought to give us an interesting data point, since the burden of proof is so much lighter. It won't surprise me if Zimmerman is found guilty in a civil case, and apportioned some significant degree of blame. If so, and if the decision isn't glaringly in error, then that'll be evidence about the degree of his responsibility.


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