Thursday, June 06, 2013

Why Are Many Feminists Unwilling to Accept Good News For Women?


It's a phenomenon I've noticed myself. It's not isolated to feminists--I've encountered the attitude among several different lefty activist types. But it does seem like a pretty prominent problem among feminists. Take the ca. 2011 drop in rapes. You'd think feminists would be ecstatic about that. Instead, I encountered a lot of anger and refusal to accept the drop. A common response (not quite an actual quote): "It's just a drop in reported rapes...this proves nothing!" My response, on the other hand, was: thank God.

My guess is that activist types are overly attached to the proposition that whatever problem they're wedded to is horrible and pressing. And any progress against it threatens to rob it of its rightful place as the Worst Problem Evar.


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