Thursday, June 06, 2013

The White Student Union

Holy shitsnacks.

I bend over backwards to try to be fair to these people.

I really do.

I do think that if you encourage the existence of, say, a black student union, then it's non-trivial justify forbidding the formation of a white student union. There are reasons we can marshal, of course...but it's not as easy a question, IMO, as liberal orthodoxy would have us believe. It's a question that ought to be treated seriously, and with an open mind and a fair bit of care. Bullshit answers to questions like this can alienate people who might otherwise be set on the right path. They can also make us not only appear less reasonable, but, worse, make us actually be less reasonable.


By the time you get to the end of this video, it seems to me that there's not much room for doubt about whether or not these kids are racists. "If it's ok for you to be proud of your race, then why can't I be proud of mine?" is, IMO, a rather tough question. (Actually, I'm skeptical as to whether anybody should be proud of their race... Though I think nobody should be ashamed of it...) "We want to form a white Christian nation..." well, that's a bloody different thing entirely...

The last three minutes or so of this video makes me pretty angry that I spent the previous 17 minutes hurting my head trying to be (more than) fair to these racist dimwits.

It also makes me wonder what kind of teacher would fear being challenged by this kid... Jeez, buck up. Treat the serious questions seriously and slap the rest of that shit down.

Now I'm in a foul mood just in time for bed...

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