Saturday, January 19, 2013

Robert Smalls, American Hero

Now this guy, Robert Smalls, is the man.

Once a slave, Smalls captured a Confederate ship, used it to rescue his family, and turned the ship over to the Federals, along with important information like the disposition of mines in Charleston harbor. He ended up a Major General in the South Carolina militia.

After the war he went back and bought the home of his former "owners"--and, to top it all off, when one of them, a Mrs. McKee, returned to the house, so addled with dementia that she thought it was still hers, Smalls let her stay.

This guy...this guy... What can one even say about this story? Words fail me. This guy is my hero. As someone in the story mentions, it's astounding there's no movie about him. Actually, I'm thinkin' bigger...I'm thinkin' graphic novel...


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