Thursday, October 04, 2012

That's What We Call An Ass-Whupping


It's hard not to be a bit angry at Obama and his team for this miserable performance.

Years of work, millions of dollars, and, to be honest, the fate of the nation, hang disproportionately on debate performances. They don't matter much, but they matter more than any other hour-and-a-half. And Obama was just terrible. He seemed tired, confused, and poorly-prepared.

Starting off with that business about Michelle and his anniversary was just godawful--a transparent rhetorical ploy of the worst kind. Really nauseating to watch.

Granted, things seemed to start going badly in earnest when Romney insistently and repeatedly lied about his tax plan--but the Obama team had to know that something like that was going to happen, and they needed to be prepared for it.

This simply cannot happen again. Honestly, I could have done better than Obama did. When envisioning possible outcomes before the debate, I did not even consider such a lopsided Romney victory a possibility. I know that these things are bullshit, and are bullshitting contests. I do realize that Romney will have an advantage in such a contest. However, I never imagined that the President would come out and stammer his way through ninety minutes of the loathsome Mitt Romney eating his lunch for him.

One can't always do one's best, of course...but to turn in one's poorest performance ever at such a crucial's a bit difficult to excuse.


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