Friday, October 26, 2012

Sununu Says Powell's Endorsement is Racial

John Sununu, the man who stole something like half a million dollars worth of services from the United States as part of the Bush '41 administration, asserts that Powell endorses Obama because for racial reasons.

A few points:

1. No, Powell explained why he is endorsing Obama. His list of reasons was long, and his individual reasons were clear and sound. Psychological explanations are only required in the absence of good reasons. So a psychological explanation is out of place here.

2. So, by parity of reasoning, Sununu is endorsing Romney because he's white? Wow, that's some racist sh*t right there. Disgusting, Sununu. Really disgusting...

3. Sununu is a proven liar and crook. He's also patently an idiot. So I'm not sure why anyone is listening to anything he says anyway.


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