Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sexism in Science: More Reflections on the Moss-Racusin Study


1. I'm going to get the actual paper because it's important to see what percentage of the subjects gave differential evaluations inconsistent with chance. It's possible that some people are just better at this, immune to such biases, and could be analogous to experts in the department when it comes to evaluating applications.

2. There is already some evidence that in-person interviews make hiring decisions less reliable rather than more so. If that's roughly right, then applications could be prepared blind with respect to names and other indicators of sex, and in-person interviews could be eliminated or radically reduced in importance.

I'm still torn on the affirmative action issue, since it doesn't take class/economic privilege into account...but this Moss-Racusin study (if it holds up) just can't be ignored.


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