Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pathetic Nutjob James O'Keefe vs. Possible Moran Campaign Sliminess


I was totally befuddled by lack of sleep when I came across this post at BVA, and I just clicked on the video. I didn't realize that this was the Moran campaign, nor that it was done by pathetic loser, eternal virgin and poster boy for young Republican repulsiveness James O'Keefe. In fact, I wasn't paying much attention and somehow got the impression that it was a Republican who was being questioned. My reaction was: "Huh. This doesn't seem that bad because I think this dude thinks the dude with the hidden camera is full of shit / a nut... But even under those conditions, he should be outraged and turn the guy in. Though obviously he shows no real interest nor enthusiasm for this proposal. Still, he should in now way be discussing ways to commit voter fraud, even non-seriously" Then I noticed that it was James "I Will Never Get Laid" O'Keefe, realized that he'd never be trying to bust a Republican, realized it was the Jim Moran campaign, and so forth. When I realized this was a Democrat, I became outraged that he hadn't been more indignant at the mere suggestion--though I still suspect he wasn't taking O'Keefe seriously.

I expect this'll be as big on Fox "News" as the ACORN/pimp nonsense. Let's hope it doesn't do too much damage to the good guys.


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