Monday, October 22, 2012

Live-blogging Debate 3...All Of A Sudden

JQ abandoned her laptop, so I'll type in some of my fascinating thoughts.

9:49 Romney's foreign policy: Exactly like Obama's, but with more tough talk, and derisive sneers directed at Obama. Jeez, this guy is way, way out of his depth.

9:53 "I think they saw weakness." Utter bullshit. Perhaps the clearest sign of the derangement of the Republican party is their inability to recognize that the United States can be tough without being a bully. They think that rational, forceful, assertive and stalwart behavior...but behavior that falls short of maniacal, irrational somehow soft. Utter madness.

9:56 Apology tour! Take a shot!

9:57  Whoa, doubling down on the Apology Tour!  Hit it outta the park Mr. President!

9:59  Obama smashes R-Money in the Bad Tour exchange...but I wish he'd have reiterated the point that the Apology Tour lie has been repeatedly debunked.

10:00 Goddamn it, Scheaffer, quit trying to get people to make policy on the fly!!!  Romney actually said something semi-reasonable there when he refused to answer.

10:04 Wow. I think the Prez is beating Romney down hard.

10:04a Hey, good on Romney for admitting that he didn't really deserve a response.

10:08  No sound. That's what I get for watching CNN. Over to PBS where I belong...

10:12  Romney: we've got to do more than kill the bad guys...  What a moron. When Republicans get Saddam, it's the greatest thing ever. When Obama gets OBL, it's "you've got to do more than get the bad guys." This is a textbook fallacy, confusing roughly necessary conditions with roughly sufficient conditions.

10:15 Perhaps the most important lesson from this debate: men are apparently insane. I'm back to CNN to see whether the green line is still moving roughly randomly. Answer: yes.

10:18  Romney's getting flustered... falls back on his government can't help business line.

10:23  Obama maybe getting a little worn out. China answer not great. A little unfocused.

10:25  Ouch. Maybe not tired after all. Obama smacked Romney down hard on the auto industry.  Oops...Solyndra! Take a shot! Desperation setting in on the Romney side...

10:27  Holy crap. Obama is kicking Romney's ass.

10:29 Romney desperate...again confuses roughly necessary with roughly sufficient conditions.


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