Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's All About NoVA


We are, in certain respects, like a less-unpleasant bit of NoVA, displaced into the Valley. But, whether that's true or not, the real point is: it comes down to high-population-density parts of the OD. NoVA's the biggie, of course, but we're a sizable population center by the standards of the Valley. We've got three Obama offices, one hub and two outposts, and the hub is pretty active. I, for one, am canvassing--something I'm fairly adept at--like a madman.

But a big damn chunk of this thing really does come down to NoVA. We absolutely have to turn out those blue votes.

I'm starting to wonder what effect Sandy is going to have...  Any chance of it turning serious attention to global warming?


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