Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate Disaster


That seemed like a completely disaster to me.

Romney was more cogent and human than I've ever seen him. Obama was just horrible, stammering and stuttering his way through his answers so badly that I actually had a hard time following what he was saying. He tried some shameless gimmicks like starting off with the stuff about his anniversary, he refused to abide by time limits over and over gain, and came off as kind of a bully by constantly talking over Lehrer and refusing to allow him to do his job.

Obama looked haggard and flustered. He looked  and spoke like a man who hadn't slept. He just was not on.

Of course Romney is full of shit, and was lying his ass off, for example about his tax proposals, and about the Affordable Care Act...but these things aren't so much about substance as style and appearance, and Romney won that battle hands down, IMHO.

Of course, his smug assholishness is insufferable, and I had to shift from CNN back to PBS so I didn't have to watch him smirking on the split screen while Obama was talking... But I won't be voting for the SOB anyway...

What a disaster. I certainly hope the current prevailing wisdom is right and debates really don't matter...


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