Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate 2 Goes to Obama

Well, I thought this was just about the second-worst night I've seen from Obama, but he managed to be significantly better than Romney.

It's really rather hard for me to draw a conclusion, because I thought both men were pretty terrible tonight. Romney--as usual--seemed to be straining to seem normal. Obama, on the other hand, seems almost to squelch his innate intelligence and charm in these things. But Obama at (almost) his worst still comes off as more engaging and sincere than Romney at (almost) his best.

Romney was busted in a lie (about calling the embassy attack "terrorism") by Crowley. Any other candidate might be significantly harmed by being so blatantly called out, but Romney has been caught in so many lies that I'm doubtful that this will hurt him much.

It's rather difficult for me to be objective about this battle of good versus evil, but it did seem that Obama got the better of the thing by quite a bit.


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