Monday, September 03, 2012

WaPo Enables GOP "You Didn't Build That" Lies


The headline on the the front page this morning is:

Will Obama Face Anti-Business Charges at DNC?

Uh...ok...this sounds as if they're suggesting that there is some chance that Obama's own party might get in on the "you didn't build it" act. WTF? Really?

No. Not really.

Click on the link, and you get a slightly less sensationalist headline:

Obama facing mounting questions over ‘you didn’t build that’ remark.

Huh. So...not necessarily Democrats, then...but...what? Some kind of general pressure is mounting? The attacks are working, then?


In the first 'graph, we read that Obama is really:

"...facing mounting questions about how he will respond to charges that he is hostile to free enterprise." [my emphasis]

Wow. This is pretty weak. What's really going on is that Democrats are (allegedly) wondering how he will respond to attacks they already recognize to be false and scurrilous--that is, they're wondering about a kind of tactical or rhetorical question. The headlines, however, make it sound as if Democrats are buying the criticisms and wondering whether Obama has anything to say for himself.

Not cool, WaPo. Not. Cool...


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