Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Big Dog Slaps 'Em Down


I'd almost forgotten--almost--how amazing Bill Clinton is when he is on. The GOP simply has nobody who can even think of competing with him. The ability to make a detailed (by the standard of such speeches, anyway) policy discussion sound like a really engaging chat...well, that is a rare gift indeed.

And it all had the added virtue of being true...

The convention contest thus far is a bloody route. The listless, aimless, vague, cheesy, phony, mendacious, rather embarrassing RNC, versus the vibrant, disciplined, energetic, engaging, detailed DNC. If this were a fight, Clinton would have just TKO'd the opposition. If Obama can turn in a 'B'-level speech tonight, the Dems will come out the clear and overwhelming winners of the convention contest.

Er, when did the Dems become the competent and organized party, anyway? Anybody know?


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