Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bush Administration DID Ignore Warnings About Attacks Before 9/11

Link (NYT)

My God these people were incompetent and dishonest. Turns out that the PDB "bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside U.S." was not the relevant PDB, and that seems to have been waved around as a decoy specifically because of its general and historical nature. The point was to show that it merely said that bin Laden wanted to attack the U.S. at some point--but that it didn't clearly concern an impending attack.

However, that PDB followed several others in which the CIA basically begged the administration to take seriously threats of an impending attack. When those warnings were ignored, "bin Laden Determined..." was produced to give some background. Layers upon layers of dishonesty...

It turns out that the Bush administration was warned, and they did ignore those credible warnings.

If this had been a Democratic administration, they would have been impeached if not imprisoned, and the Democratic party would have been devastated for years to come. The GOP, however, turned it all into a short-term political victory, covered its tracks long enough to escape any meaningful criticism, and continues to sell itself as the tougher of the two parties, more competent on national security issues.

My God. The devastation the election of 2000 wrought upon the nation...  It's almost unfathomable.


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