Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rot In Hell Ratko Mladic: Murderer, Coward, Piece of Shit

Die a horrible death you piece of semi-human scum.

What a cowardly, psychopathic, evil piece of shit this guy is. Hilarious that he gave up without a fight when they caught him, despite the fact that he was armed--I'd forgotten about that. Not so tough when he isn't torturing, murdering and raping those who are completely defenseless. Less that 100 to 1 odds and Mr. Rat suddenly loses his love of violence. Funny how that works.

I sure wish there were a hell, because the thought of this shitbag in it warms my heart. Ah, well. I suppose there's still time for him to die a slow, agonizing death from some horrific disease. Keep your fingers crossed!


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