Tuesday, May 15, 2012

R-Money: The Quasi-Gay-Bashing Incident

Back in the OD now, with civilized connectivity. (The place JQ's folks rent out, and we take care of, in Chapel Hill, has bandwidth for sheet.) Followed the Romney quasi-gay-bashing revelations...

What to say? 'Cause I know you all care what I think...



I don't know how to weigh the two obvious, conflicting thoughts:

1. F*ck that shit, this is viciousness of a kind that reveals something deeply awful in the core of someone's being.

2. Kids are stupid and evil, and they often get over it.

I did many things as a kid that I regret deeply, and I'm a fairly good guy. I never did anything like that, though...  Hell, if anybody tried that to me or around me, blood would be spilt. At first I was horrified...  Then I considered the forgiveness route, though it's not in my power to forgive this incident. Then I realized that I was thinking of him as very young, but it turns out that he was like 17 or 18, right? That's way too old for the incident to be excusable. What was that quote from the story? "He can't look like that?" Fuck you, 18-year-old R-Money. I wish I--or, for that matter, 18-year-old me--were transported back to that moment so that I could have the pleasure of inflicting some pain on your evil, sorry ass. I'm sure you wouldn't care for the way I looked, either...

But people do stupid things...and then grow up.

But he claims to have forgotten it, though the other attackers claim to be plagued with guilt. That's not a good sign...

Things are unclear here, but, gotta say, IMHO, signs point to asshole


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