Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants To Be A Real Boy

"He's human" says wife [note: not an actual quote]

He's"wild and crazy" [note: actual quote]

Y'know, I feel sorry for this guy. He's so boring and stilted and uptight that even the most implausible and enthusiastic attempts to make him seem likeable come off as damning with weird praise.

I like nerds. I'm half nerd myself, though I'm sure you can't tell. But nerds tend to be interesting. R-Money is just a dude who set out to become filthy rich. Aside from his rather-more-implausible-than-average religion, there seems to be nothing interesting about him at all. And the guy seems to have a likeability rating of about 0.25/10.

If he would make a good president, none of that would matter, of course. But...well, you know.


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