Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fox: "Obama Flip-Flops: Declares War On Marriage"


Hard to know what's the most amusing part of this...

The morons who pretend to be on the side of limited government flipping out that the President does not share their totalitarian sentiments?

The shrill, hyperbolic terms in which this outrage is expressed?

The all-too-predictable, opportunistic attack on Obama's modest, measured statement, and the characterization of it as yet another "war on."

Jeez. Really, people this stupid deserve a good punch in the nose.

Not that I advocate political violence, for I don't. But it is what they deserve. Not even so much because they're terrible human beings as because they are so appallingly stupid and intellectually incontinent.

Reasonable people can be against same-sex marriage. Reasonable people cannot write headlines like the one at Fox. Such people are ideologically and financially committed to undermining the U.S. by making us stupid and unreasonable. If there's a logical Hell, they'll all rot in it.


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