Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secret Service Agents Sent Home From Columbia:
The Quiz


Looks like a secret service dude went to a prostitute in Cartagena.

How will the fever swamps try to turn this into a criticism of Obama?

It's a tough one...  It's going to require every ounce of their advanced Sophistry Powers...


How about:

(a) It shows that he sets a bad moral example that infects his underlings.


That's a kind of all-purpose sophistry that they might lunge for.


(b) It shows that they don't respect him.

Nice, vague, unfalsifiable.

But both pretty lame.

Maybe we should go at this from the other direction. Maybe they'll try:

(c) This shows Obama has no loyalty to his men.

Ah...that's a little better. It attacks him from the other direction, and has the advantage of being in the vicinity of some of their pre-established fantasies about Dems. Not loyal and manly, ya know.

But that puts them in the position of having to seem like they're ok with prostitution. Even Limbaugh probably wouldn't say that in public...

Well, in the end, all of those are exceedingly lame. Which won't necessarily keep the fever swamps from saying something similar. It's hard to predict how they'll try to turn this into some anti-Obama thing, but by induction I think it's safe to say that they will.


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