Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Walking Dead

The t.v. show, not the comic.

Is it just me, or is it bad? I'll watch almost anything with zombies in it, and I was psyched when I heard about the series. And I thought the first episode was really good. But since then, it's just seemed almost uniformly terrible to me. It's like a soap opera with (very) occasional zombie attacks, few of which are very exciting. I'm stupid/ignorant about movies and suchlike, so I can't tell e.g. bad directing from bad something else...but something not good seems to pervade the show. I mean, the writing seems bad to me, too...but that's not the bad thing I'm gesturing at. It's something else. (Oh and...man...the alleged Georgia accents of the two male leads...just literally painful to listen to IMHO. Where the heck are those guys from, anyway?)

I hate to harsh on something that so many people are clearly putting so much earnest work into...but, man, I just do not like it. JQ and I still record it and generally eventually watch the episodes, but spend much of the time fast-forwarding and groaning at the overwrought dialog. Anyway, not good. I mean, not Terra Nova bad...but not good.


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