Friday, February 24, 2012

Israel Is Going Postal Over a Situation the U.S. and Europe Lived with for 45 Years

This, by Fareed Zacharia, is damn good.

This "zone of immunity" nonsense is a translation of one of the principle premises in the madness that led us into Iraq--the idea of "preventive war."

I've harped on the distinction between "preventive war" and preemptive war. Just war theory clearly recognizes a right to preemption. That means: if country C is preparing to attack you, you are not obligated to wait for them to shoot first. There is, however, no right to "preventive" attacks. A preventive attack is an attack launched against country C because you think that it might attack you some day. That shit is right out.

So, Israel, AIPAC, and the American right seem to be gearing up to encourage the U.S. to attack Iran (a) on false pretenses, (b) on faulty principle, and (c) against our national interest.

I agonized over Iraq for months leading up to the war, torturing myself with worries that I was just not thinking clearly about the situation. After all, the administration was so sure...and Saddam was a genuinely evil SOB...what was I missing, I wondered?

Learned my lesson.

Not torturing myself this time.

This shit is insane.


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