Friday, February 10, 2012

Funny Serge Zwikker Story

Ok, this is probably only of interest to Tar Heels. Just recently posted on IC:
Completely unrelated, but reminds me of something that happened many, many moons ago in a history class I was in. Serge, Pat Sullivan, a few other b-ball players were in the class as well and I sat near them.

Anyway, one morning as students are making their way into class, this SMOKING HOT chick comes in, says Hi to Serge, and tries to sit down beside him.

He looked at her and said in his Andre the Giant voice: "this seat is reserved for Pat. This is where Pat sits. You cannot sit here."

The girl tried to "argue" with him that Pat wouldn't mind, that she wants to sit there, etc etc etc...Serge just kept on saying "this seat is reserved for Pat" like a robot programmed to only say one thing.

She eventually got up with a look of disbelief on her face. Rejected.

I'll never forget that even 20 years later. Serge was hilarious. He used to wear these carolina blue mittens when it was cold that were as big as frying pans...I asked him one time where he found mittens that big. "My mom made them for me, they are from the Netherlands where I am from." LOL


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