Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blown Calls at the End of Carolina-Duke

I'm trying to put the Twilight Zone loss against d00que on Wednesday out of my head, but the freakish nature of the barrage of bad calls has gotten a bit of attention, e.g. on some sports call-in shows.

Here's a post at RoundBallChat.

On the bright (?) side, it looks to me like Henson fouls Kelly after Kelly's air ball. Even that helped Duke, unfortunately, as they hit a 3 a few seconds later. Had Kelly gone to the foul line and hit only 2, it's a different game.

That was a hard call, though, and I don't blame the refs for missing it. I'd have probably concluded that Henson touched it, given how much the shot missed by.

The other two calls, though...Jebus. It still astounds me that anyone could miss them. Especially Curry's walk, which was right out in the middle of the floor, in front of God and everybody, with nobody even close to him.


Against a different team, one might more easily shrug such things off...


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