Monday, January 30, 2012

Is The GOP Not Even Trying To Make Sense Anymore?
Bad Analogies Edition: Captain Schettino and Obama???


It remains difficult to focus on the substance of policy debates when the GOP continues to act like a not-terribly-bright-even-by-the-standards-of-five-year-olds five-year-old. And an unusually petulant five-year-old, to boot...

Priebus is either an idiot or a partisan hack of (as it were) the first water. (Note: that's an inclusive 'or'...)

So...if we really need a nautical analogy here, we'd have to find one in which the current captain was given command of a foundering ship, with said floundering being the fault of the previous, radically incompetent captain. The current captain prevents the ship from sinking and--to semi-mix metaphors--gets it basically back on course...when a mutiny starts, led by supporters of the previous captain. Said mutineers prevent the current captain from taking measures that are required in order to fully rectify the situation that their faction caused...and they blame the current captain for the sub-optimal state of the ship.

So...anybody know of an actually accurate, real-life analogy?

Oh, and, uh, there is just no way to get the abandoning ship bit to make any sense whatsoever.

All in all, a shitty, shitty metaphor, entirely inapt, from a hack who will say absolutely anything to get his party back in power so that they can, er...scuttle the country. Or whatever.

Really, can these people get any more loathsome and annoying?


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